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Former Cricket Player Catching On in the CWL

By Kirsten Karbach Of the close to 300 players showcasing their talents at the California Winter League, the vast majority have already garnered at least a decade of baseball experience prior to setting foot in Palm Springs. Jordan Thliveris is not one of

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CWL Recap: 2/1/16

GAPS IN STANDINGS START TO CLOSE HALFWAY THROUGH CWL SEASON By: Mike DiBucci Palm Springs, Calif. – The third week of the CWL started with what most people would consider to be a shocker. The Canada A’s – coming into the day as the 2nd overa

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CWL Recap: 1/27/16

COMPETITIVE MATCH-UPS SHAKE UP CWL STANDINGS By: Mike DiBucci Palm Springs, Calif. –The seventh day of the CWL season got underway with yet another competitive game at the complex’s Auxiliary Field. The Bay Area Bootleggers, who were trying to bounce

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