PALM SPRINGS, Calif – The California Winter League has opened registration for its 16th season, beginning play in January of 2025. Over the previous 15 years, over 900 contracts players have been offered to CWL players to play professional baseball. The California Winter League gives free agent baseball players with college and/or professional experience the opportunity to play in front of professional scouts and managers who are looking to add to their rosters for the upcoming season.

For the 2025 campaign, the California Winter League is offering two different sessions for the first time in its history. Session 1 will take place from January 20th through February 2nd. Session 2 will take place from February 3rd through February 17th. Players will also have the option of playing in both sessions in order to maximize playing time and opportunities to be scouted and signed. All games will take place at the Palm Springs Stadium facility in Palm Springs, CA.

“We are excited to launch our player registration for 2025 and we’re looking forward to our 16th CWL season. We can’t wait to expand on the momentum we had in 2024 from the number of contracts offered to having MLB Development Center China participating in the league,” said CWL General Manager Justin Reschke.

“Offering two sessions in 2025 creates more opportunities for players to get involved. While more playing time and exposure is always the best option, having a certain number of roster spots available on a two-week basis creates more flexibility for players who can’t commit to the full, month-long season. The CWL works because we offer the best platform for players to be scouted, which is live games and real situations. Players can train all they want in a facility somewhere, but ultimately with minor league spots being scarcer than ever before, scouts and managers need to see players on the field. Now, we can get more players on the field in game action while still offering our traditional, month-long model to players who are able to commit to the full season. Evaluators still want to see as many reps as possible, obviously, but the feedback we have received is that ultimately, they’ll be able to see more players during their time out here with this format,” Reschke continued.

Each two-week session will conclude with a Championship Game, with the first one being played on Saturday, February 1st and the second half championship being contested on February 16th. Each session will begin with an MLB workout day, on January 21st and February 4th respectively, before games begin the following day.

After making its debut at Palm Springs Stadium in 2024, Trackman will once again be the Official Data Partner of the California Winter League. Trackman technology is used at every MLB ballpark, most minor league ballparks, and many Division I and other college programs around the country to collect data on players ranging from velocity, spin rate, release point, and horizontal and vertical break for pitchers to launch angle, exit velocity, distance, and more for hitters. Every MLB organization has access to the data collected at Palm Springs Stadium for every CWL player. The data is also made available for players to review and is shared with scouts and managers who are a part of the CWL coaching staff.

The California Winter League is the longest running professional showcase league of its kind. Since its inaugural season in 2010, the CWL has seen over 900 professional contracts offered to its players. Each year, it is the premier destination for free agent baseball players to be scouted and for scouts looking to sign players.

Players who are interested in playing in the 2025 California Winter League can learn more at