Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

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What is the CWL?

The California Winter League (CWL) is an instructional showcase league for current professional and free agent baseball players. The league runs from January 19 through February 15 and the games are open to the public. The CWL is the leader in family entertainment within the Coachella Valley. The players who attend the CWL come from all over the globe for two main reasons. The first being to further develop their baseball skills through instruction. Secondly, having the opportunity to play in front of professional scouts and league instructors. The instructors have the ability to offer players contracts to play for their team during the summer season. The logos to the right represent the MLB teams past players have received invites to play for. For more information on the CWL click here. To join the league and for the registration click here. For more videos on the CWL click here.

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registration extended through January, 15, 2015! Reporting date is Jan. 19 and checkout date is Feb. 16!

CWL Representation in the Majors


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MLB Greats Visit CWL

New Auxiliary Field #3 Progress

League Representation in the CWL

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