CWL and the Pros

  • Japanese professional league Niigata-Albirex Baseball Club agrees to sign players from CWL for 2010 season. Mac Suzuki & a visiting league official will all evaluate and have the ability to offer professional contracts to 2010 CWL players.
  • Austrian professional teams agree to sign player-coach for 2010 season. CWL Instructor Mike Schultz will be in charge of evaluating talent and will be offering pro opportunities for the Attnang-Puhhiem Athletics, along with making recomendaitons to the rest of the National Austrian professional teams.
    European team Skokoni Olomouc of the Czech Extraleague will be represented by Chris Patterson, who has just been recently announced as an addition to the California Winter League.
  • Golden Baseball League Commissioner and Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Outcalt, was at Palm Springs Stadium checking out some of the baseball talent that the California Winter League has to offer on Wednesday, February 3!