California Winter League Umpires

The league will also act as an instructional outlet for high school and collegiate umpires who are looking to become certified for collegiate and professional levels.

Any umpires interested in umpiring during the 2011 California Winter League season please contact Umpire Supervisor Brad Hungerford at (760)272-0671 or by email at

Brad Hungerford Bio:

Brad Hungerford

Brad Hungerford - 2011 CWL Umpire Supervisor and Assigner

25 years umpiring experience

  • 10 years professional baseball umpiring experience
  • NCAA Division I Umpire
    • 2 Regional Tournaments
    • 3 Mountain West Conference Tournaments
    • Umpire Development Camp Attendee
  • NCAA Division III Umpire:
    • Regional Tournament
  • NJCAA Umpire:
    • 5 Regional Tournaments
    • 2 Super Regional Tournaments
  • Southern California Collegiate Umpire Association:
    • Co-Director of Umpire Development